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The GPS program allows inmates to return to their respective communities to begin the reintegration process. Must be a non-violent inmate serving a sentence of five years or less and whose initial placement is not higher than minimum security level OR - A non-violent inmate with no more than 11 months left to serve on their total term of incarcerations.

Conviction for violent offense within previous 10 years or a current incarceration for a violent offense. Placement involves a screening and review process. Each inmate that is considered for placement on the program has a complete criminal history background review before placement on the program. DOC reserves the right to deny placement on any inmate considered a security risk or a threat to public safety.

Inmates must be able to furnish a cellular phone if required or have telephone equipment and service that supports the monitoring technology. No, inmates cannot leave the state while on the GPS program. Who supervises the inmates on the GPS Program?

The Probation and Parole Districts will be responsible for the supervision of the inmates assigned to the GPS program. Yes, if an inmate waives parole, they can be considered for placement on the GPS program. If denied parole, the inmate has to wait 12 months to reapply for the program. Notification is provided by VINE, a hour confidential, computer-assisted service that provides Victim Information and Notification every day. Per Oklahoma statue, prior to placement of any eligible inmate assigned to the Electronic Monitoring Program, the Department of Corrections is required to deliver a written notification to the sheriff and district attorney of the county, and the chief law enforcement officer of any incorporated city or town in which the inmate is to be monitored and supervised under the program.

The district attorney shall disseminate such information to victims of the crime for which the inmate is serving sentence, if any, when the victims are known to live in the same city, town or county. Offenders who receive suspended sentences with probation are supervised by the Department of Corrections for a period specified by the Judgment and Sentence.

General Information

A suspended sentence is a conviction with incarceration suspended so the inmate can remain supervised in the community. A conviction can be fully or partially suspended. A deferred sentence is a type of sentencing agreement in which the sentencing date is deferred to a set time in the future, not to exceed five years from the date the agreement was entered.

The inmate is ordered to supervised probation, with a set of rules and conditions issued by the court of jurisdiction. If the inmate complies with the rules and conditions and has no violations, the court may dismiss and expunge the charge. A deferred sentence is not considered a felony conviction. If the inmate violates the rules and conditions of the probation, the sentencing date may be accelerated and the court can then take action to render an appropriate sentence.

Yes, if you meet the criteria and are not convicted of a sex offense you are eligible for a statutory termination at two 2 years. Yes, if you meet the criteria with the Interstate Compact.

Release Date

The Interstate Compact Agreement provides the sole statutory authority for regulating the transfer of adult parole and probation supervision across state lines. The purpose of the compact is to enhance the public safety by addressing the supervision requirement of member states and territories when they are directed to provide supervision for offenders whose residences and family resources exist outside their political boundaries. Per O.

The facility medical unit documents the following: diagnosis, prognosis, functional ability, treatment regimen, plan for continuity of care, and resources available e. If the inmate meets the criteria as established in OP , Parole Process Procedures, the medical parole recommendation will then be submitted to the Pardon and Parole Board. Questions pertaining to parole should be directed to the Pardon and Parole Board at Parole dockets are set by the Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board.

Questions pertaining to parole dockets should be directed to the Pardon and Parole Board at Closed Records. Visitation Policy. Volunteer Opportunities. Click here for more suicide awareness information.

Best Way to Find Someone in Jail for Free

Agencies Calendar Services. What are typical crimes committed by inmates in the Department of Corrections? How much does it cost to incarcerate an inmate? Do inmates receive pay for work performed during incarceration? Where are you located? What is the facility mailing address? Institutions Visitation is a problem; can the inmate be transferred closer to home?

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How much does it cost to feed an inmate? What meal services are provided to inmates? Do inmates have to pay any cost for their incarceration or any services they receive during incarceration? Why do inmates receive career and technical training? What types of items are available for purchase at the inmate canteen? What is the smoking policy?

What programs are available to inmates? When can I visit? What can I bring to visitation? Please explain the level system.

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When will a particular inmate discharge? When, and to where, will an inmate transfer? How does the inmate misconduct appeal process work? How do I find out about the medical status of an inmate? What religious services are available? What is the difference in security levels and how is the level determined?

How do I go about acquiring inmate labor? Explain the electronic monitoring program and eligibility requirements.

clevecprodar.tk: Connecticut Prison System

Do inmates receive medical and dental care? How do I get medical care for an inmate? Is it possible for an inmate to receive medical or dental care from the private sector? Can an inmate attend a funeral? Can an inmate attend a wedding, graduation, or other family event?

Finding Inmates Who Were Recently Arrested/Inmates Who Are In Jail

How do I go about acquiring volunteer status? If I have concerns or questions about an inmate who should I contact? Who do I contact if I have questions or concerns about a sex offender? How do I correspond with an inmate? What is a grievance? How do I request protective custody for an inmate? How long will an inmate spend in the county jail after sentencing before being transferred to assessment and reception?

Exploring the criminal justice system on the web

How do I get an inmate transferred from the county to DOC custody? How can they get transferred here? The transfer request must be made by the state in which the inmate is incarcerated. The best way to find someone in jail for free is www. You can search by their inmate ID number or by first and last name.

Optional fields to narrow down the search results are date of birth or age range. Anyone interested in the status of an inmate can register to be notified when the inmate is released or transferred. Notification is done by phone or e-mail. Note: Vinelink does not provide information on federal prisons — only local jails and state prisons. Vinelink is updated every day.