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If you are seeking a marriage license in Clackamas County, please follow the steps outlined below. Officials who perform marriages in Clackamas County.

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Senate Bill which amends ORS This new law creates stricter provisions and expands limitations for accessing discharge records. If you wish to obtain a Military Discharge Record DD please call for instructions and requirements. Request for Military Discharge Papers via mail. House Bill amends Oregon Revised Statute Certified copies of Death Certificates are recorded in conjunction with owning or having a claim or interest in real property land and will be rejected and returned unrecorded if the Death Certificate has been altered or if the Death Certificate contains medical information related to the cause of death.

You must select this option when completing the Vital Records order form. Phone: Fax: Email: recording clackamas.

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Office Hours: Monday to Thursday a. Departments Recording. Marriages and Domestic Partnerships. Military Discharges.

Recording Documents | Multnomah County

See Fees. Section B provides a list of potential titles and the related statute. Document Corrections Any document that has been previously recorded may be re-recorded to make corrections to the original document. The first page of the corrected document must meet all of the first page requirements for recordings. The corrected document need not be signed by the party ies and acknowledged by a notary a second time.

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The person presenting a document for re-recording shall cause a re-recording statement to be affixed to the first page or cover sheet of the document. The statement must not cover any information contained in the document and shall read as follows:. What we do not do This office does not:. If you need help, we recommend that you contact an attorney or title company for assistance. Public Records Request Form.

Recording Department. See Legal Authority. Determine whether the first-page requirements have been met.

Recording Documents

Determine whether the instrument meets the legibility requirements. See Legibility Requirements.

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Legal Authority The County Recorder will only accept instruments for recording if it is apparent from the document that legal authority exists to record the instrument. OAR 3 4. Enlarge original or prepare a new original with larger text Colored text on colored paper, example: blue NCR paper with blue text.

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  4. Copy original on white paper with black text or prepare a new original. Text is too light, blurred, contrasting light and dark, heavy and filled in, typed through a line.

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    Prepare a new original. Large documents reduced to smaller size. Replace with full or larger copy that has legible text. Donation Land Claim Act full text. Donation Land Claim Entry Files. The State Library has the Washington State land entry files on microfilm. Homestead Act History of the Homestead Act.

    What to do if there is a lien on a property you're bidding on at auction

    Homestead Act full text. Homestead Land Entry Files. Homestead land entry files can be ordered from the National Archives in Washington, D. The complete state law on Homesteads RCW 6. The Washington State Attorney General has put an opinion up on their web site that covers the following questions. A recorded declaration that a property owner holds real estate in "allodial freehold" is ineffective to exempt the real estate from property taxes levied under state law.

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    A declaration of homestead filed on real estate pursuant to chapter 6.