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Division of Dead Letters.

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Of course, all sorts of inclosures are found in the matter which reaches the Division of Dead Letters. The remarkable aggregation of undelivered merchandise matter annually assembled in the Division of Dead Letters is perhaps best illustrated by the quantity and variety which is subjected to annual auction sales. The catalogue of this last. It should be however, that these figures by no means represent matter offered for sale, for the reason that, so as the miscellaneous articles are concerned, it is usual to group the contents of a considerable number of original packages into one as offered to bidlers.

The latest catalogue contained rather closely printed double-columned pages. The curious and endless variety of articles thus disposed of is something to excite wonder, and can only be adequately appreciated by perusal of the catalogue itself. For example, there is one item of: "Twelve women's linen handkerchiefs, shirtwaist 34 , wire hip bustle. Another item is rather nebulously described as a "Clinton nebulizer and pump damaged. Skipping over to the book department there is discovered as one item: "Three XewT Testaments"; another: "Romeo and Juliet.

There are numerous items in the catalogue embracing what are described as: "Miscellaneous Books. Besides books published in prnglish there are others of various nationalities including Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Hebrew, Scandinavian, Slavonic and Portugese. Possibly the most interesting feature of the sales, and the. Among the articles of this character are included numerous fountain pens, gold eye-glasses, some in an indefinite condition of mutilation, watches in great variety from the innocuous "Waterbury" to the genuine golden article senders placed their names and addresses upon the wrappers.

In addition to this number, more than 5rt,00 articles of value escaped from their wrappers in transit owing to negligent wrapping on the part of the senders, and although efforts were made through the inspection Fervice and the railway mail service to Identify the persons to whom they belonged, many inclosures of jewelry, electrical supplies, and brass fittings, as well as valuable articles of wearing apparel, failed of delivery.

The use of the postal service for the transmission of merchandise to foreign countries has greatly increased within the past few years, owing largely to the newly established parctls-post regulations with the large commercial countries of the world. The requirements to secure the forwarding of an article by parcels-post are somewhat technical, and inclosures which may be exchanged in the domestic service are in many instances forbidden in the international mails.

If the sender would furnish his address upon the wrappers and envelopes of matter deposited--fr mailing by him, it would in all cases be promptly returned through -the local postoffices. The statute under which inclosures of value are treated in the Division of Dead Letters was passed in 1S In many instances the sentimental value attached to inclosures sent as gifts, or souvenirs of travel, greatly exceeds the amounts for which they auald be purchased; but in few-instances has the sum realized by auction represented even the original cost of the item sold The inscriptions on the fly-leaves of the books, or the initials and engraved dedications upon watches and wedding rings, which make up a large pa;t of the jewelry schedule of the printed catalogue supplied to furchasers.

About A noticeable percentage of them were addressed to Canada and sealed against inspection. As Inclosures which cannot be examined by custom officials are forbidden in the mails to the Dominion of Canada, the parcels referred to were detained as unmailabie at Buffalo, Detroit, and othr exchange offices along the Canadian border.

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The senders of tpis matter cannot be located because they failed to place their addresses thereon. To those who know about it, the Division ot Dead Letters is one of the most interesting exhibits which Washington offers. The public appreciation of it is constantly growing, as is evidenced by the thousands of persons from thf various parts of the country who visit it. There Is something which appeals to them in the magnitude of the work and in the curious features which are constantly developed in the deposition of the tremendous volume of matter which pours into that vortex.

Something like one hundred and fifty persons of both sexts are -employed In this interesting work that is, interesting to outsiders, but not so much so to those whose daily round of duties somewhat dulls their appreciation of the curious and the unique. The public printer has refused to make certain corrections in proofs marked by department heads, on the ground that they were not dictionary spelling, and the whole Executive Department of the nation was muddled for dass because of the dropping of a few letters from words. A keen student of the ways of the world said the other day, "Why make all this fuss about spelling reform.

If you let it alone spelling will reform itself. It was not so very long ago that almost, every section of the country had a few city names just filled with superfluous letters, hinghamton, N.

The Real Yellow Pages® - Pittsburgh, PA Directory - clevecprodar.tk

These last letters have been dropped by the postal authorities and the rest of the letter-writing world has follow-ed suit. I am not a very old man, but in the days that I went to school wagon was spelled with two "g's" and the "u" was always put in honor and kindred words. I believe that it is yet in England, but over here, the American with his dislike for useless things, has dropped it. All the spelling books use the words I have mentioned in the shortened way, and there was no especial reform about it.

The spellers simply liked them better that way and used them: so it was up to the fellows that made the books to follow suit. The contrast between the spelling of the words printed on its ancient and yellow pages, to the spelling in a more modern edition of the same book was marked. The Bible in question was printed in the fourteenth century: in fact, for all I remember, it may have been the Wyclif translation.

The word Savior was spelled Savioure. About a hundred years later, the e dropped off, then after a hundred years or so more, people found they could do without the "u" so it was left out. So, too, with the word labor, which was spelled laboure, which was shortened in the same way. Wyclif was supposed to have spelied his own name Wickliffe.

Anchoure, pastoure and a thousand more words might be cited to show how English spelling has been slowly but surely reforming itself for years, the people who used it, little by little, dropping out letters they did not need. One of them was Margaret Paston, who lived during the war of the Roses and. She did not, need a committee of college professors and a contribution from a millionaire to teach her hew to spell. Dogberry says to read and write comes by nature,' and Margaret seemed to think that spelling reform came in the same way.

Some photographers, looking for a suitable trade mark, announced that they were "Fotografers" and now many people spell photograph in no other way. It has four sections: 1. Alphabetical Directory; 3. Street Directory of Householders and Businesses; 4. Numerical Telephone Directory.

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  • Hardbound, the whole book is filled with ads, R. Very detailed current state information with historical data using lots of charts, a few pictures, and a map. Published by the Commonwealth of PA by the Dept.

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    Hardbound 1, pages. Richmond, A. A temperance book from a lawyer who was a member of the Meadville Bar. Riesenman, Joseph, Jr. Three volumes total; the first two volumes, with 1, pages, relates the history. The third volume of pages, is all biographies. There are a lot of great pictures to go along with this comprehensive text.

    Robinson, Thomas, A. This is a very large, hardbound, leather covered, page ledger book for T.

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    Robinson and C. Saegertown presents , Centennial Review June 10, p. Saegertown Inn pamphlet — Frank M. The cover is shaped like an envelope and it has 16 pages with lots of pictures. There is no date, but it has a picture and information about the Commodore Perry related powder wagon reproduction that stopped at the inn in It also compares the number of guests during their first year to the number of guests for the season.

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    From to , all seven books are hardbound, no publisher given, Saegertown, Pa. Saegertown Schools Yearbook, Blue — Gold It has all grades including grades , junior and senior high school and includes the faculty of all grades. Saegertown Schools Yearbook, Blue and Gold All the alumni are listed from through and it includes current married names, addresses, and who is deceased.