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I accepted the position because had always wanted to work for Deaconess. The position was difficult to learn. I tried and felt I was doing satisfactorily. But since I didn't fit in their clique I was constantly being criticized. Received my evaluation and termination all in the same 15 minute meeting.

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Miserable position to be in. Not missing them at all. I worked the morning shift mostly, I came in and started prpping for lunch, I also stopped half way and helped plate breakfast for the patients in the hospital. I helped clean and also helped bake as well. Don't work here. Horrible leadership.

Erie County, New York Genealogy Genealogy - FamilySearch Wiki

New CEO is in over her head and has no idea how to implement change or support her direct reports. No dedication to their workforce. Sketchy ethics. The better choice in this area for working in acute care. Conducive to learning. Deaconess is a wonderful hospital to work.

I worked a total of 18 years there with great managers who promoted a healthy and educational environment for all. The hardest part of the job is being on your feet for 12 hours with no down time. The most enjoyable part of the job is taking care of the patients. I worked here for 15 years and company changed a lot over the years. The patient was no longer the focus. Documentation was the main focus. Also overtime doesnt start until after 40 hours. If your don't have a degree you will definitely be living check to check.

Not enough pay for the amount of work and patient load. Review this company.

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Claimed Profile Review this company. Want to know more about working here? Ask a Question. Overall rating 3. Ratings from women 3. Answered by Deaconess Health System. We use Freedom of Information laws and open data laws to get copies of inaccessible archival record sets released back to the public, for free use. Laws ch. I would like to receive a copy of the index to all Buffalo death and burial records, from as early as such records are available through December 31, , inclusive.

I have been told by other genealogists that there is an existing burial permit index from , and a more complete death index from , all already in digitized image format on CD-ROM and even transcribed into a text database. While vital records, including actual death certificates, are subject to privacy laws, the basic index to the records is required to be open to the public under the New York State Freedom of Information Law FOIL. Almost two years ago, I filed this same request with the New York State Department of Health in Albany, asking for copies of their statewide death index.

At that time, they only maintained their statewide death index copy in old-fashioned microfiche format, and only at a small number of upstate libraries. After a seventeen-month-long fight with them, including legal discussions with my attorneys and their Records Access Officers, the state finally conceded that an index to these records must be made available to the public under FOIL. I received my copy of the state death index from them a few months ago and our organization has recently put it online for free public use, at the Internet Archive.

Having this digital copy of the index will help millions of people with New York State roots research their ancestors and order more record copies from the state. Please let me know in which formats you have this death and burial index. As mentioned, I have been told that images of the index already exist in digital format on CD-ROM, and there is a transcribed text database too. Because this is a FOIL request, I recognize that I will be required to reimburse your fair costs for making copies of the data, either by using in-house staff at your office, or perhaps hiring an outside vendor to do the scanning or photography for you.

I will also pay for the insured shipping of the record copies to California, if necessary.

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Please be advised that if you ignore or deny this request, our organization will take your office to court, under the New York Freedom of Information Law. In the past three years, we have already sued two different New York City agencies for copies of genealogical records and won settlements both times, and even won our attorneys fees the second time.

And we are currently engaged in litigation against the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, fighting for copies of their statewide birth index and death index. More: Bizarre tips, psychic visions among many leads in Kristy Kelley case. Resources: Crisis response lines advocate for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault.

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The lawsuit says because of the harassment the nurse has lost income, suffered damage to her reputation and experienced anxiety, depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other symptoms. Attorney Jean Blanton, who represents Joshi, issued a statement about the lawsuit. She said Joshi "adamantly denies the allegations of misconduct.

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Joshi intends to defend himself against these false allegations The nurse had been employed as a certified registered nurse anesthetist at Deaconess beginning in January. Among the accusations against Joshi in the lawsuit are assault, battery, criminal confinement, intentionally inflicting emotional distress, invasion of privacy and interfering with a contractual relationship.

It allows victims of certain crimes to take separate civil action to recover damages for injuries from the alleged criminal conduct. A defendant does not have to be charged with a crime for someone to file a lawsuit under the act.