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On February 27, Capone was subpoenaed at his winter home near Miami, Florida, to appear as a witness before a federal grand jury in Chicago on March 12 for a case involving a violation of prohibition laws. His excuse? We were asked by U. Attorneys to find out whether Capone was on the level. When he was supposedly bedridden, Capone was out and about—going to the race tracks, taking trips to the Bahamas, even being questioned by local prosecutors.

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And by all accounts, his health was just fine. On March 27—76 years ago Sunday—Capone was cited for contempt of court in Chicago and arrested in Florida. He was released on bond, but from there on, it was downhill for the notorious gangster:. Precisely the kind of partnerships that are needed today as well to defeat dangerous criminals and terrorists.

Palm Beach papers still circulate rumors that maybe-mobsters frequent his establishments, though. Its apostrophe use is inconsistent , is a run-down dive these days the situation became so dire that Bar Rescue featured Champagnes on one episode. These days the bar is a legendary Vegas karaoke spot, and still a favorite haunt of seasoned locals.

However, the bar has another, lesser-known history: It was once controlled by the Genovese crime family, which operated out of Greenwich Village. The bar had no liquor license, no fire exits, and the glasses were cleaned with dirty water. In his battle to enforce Prohibition, Eliot Ness seized around , gallons of alcohol at Room Tunnels found underneath the building by a former owner seem to suggest that the mobster frequently smuggled booze through the speakeasy.

Revealed: Ten Commandments of the Mafia - Telegraph

But when Prohibition hit, he quickly turned the lease over to the mob. The speakeasy and jazz club became a favorite hangout of Al Capone. He even had his own booth in the bar with a clear view of the front and back doors. Another legend is that Capone would sometimes escape the bar using a trapdoor and underground tunnels. While both exist, they were probably only used to smuggle booze.

Al Capone ran this speakeasy, then known as Club, in the s. There were no secret passageways, hidden doorways, or revolving books cases. A brothel operated upstairs, where a picture of Capone hung on the wall. The club went through a few more owners until it became the Exchequer restaurant in It was once the site of the Mars Restaurant, a discreet meeting place for a crew of mobsters including Nicky Scarfo. Scarfo ate there so regularly that he likely enjoyed his last meal at the Mars before heading to prison in , where he died in This barbecue restaurant takes its new name from a slice of disturbing mob-related history: A man named Vincent Margarite opened the taphouse as a space friendly to the local Italian community in Philadelphia.

Margarite opened back up a day later, but the mob kept coming for him: They bombed his bar again in April. Of course, Capone had really transformed the building into a brothel and a speakeasy, which operated until Wherever you go.

A Life on the Run

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Revealed: Ten Commandments of the Mafia

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