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Additional deaths identified through linkages with the two national death databases resulted in a total of 14, deaths overall, with Independently, the NDI contributed an additional Had record linkages with the national databases not been conducted, deaths among certain subpopulations would have been disproportionately underascertained, including among white people by Retroactively applying results of the linkages with the national databases to the number of living HIV infection cases at the end of before linkage reduced the reported HIV population prevalence from 1.

The magnitude of the decrease in prevalence was greater within certain subpopulations, including current or former injection drug users 3. After linkages with five years of mortality data from two national databases, we found 1, deaths of people reported in NYC with HIV infection not previously known to be dead, most of which occurred outside NYC.

These linkages substantially improved the completeness of death ascertainment and, as a result, the accuracy of living case counts used to enumerate the HIV epidemic in the city and determine federal funding for HIV-related care and treatment services. Each database had advantages and disadvantages beyond case yield that should be taken into consideration when deciding whether to use one or both databases.

The Social Security Death Index (SSDI) is Still Available! | Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter

One factor is whether the disease registry needs to obtain the cause of death. NDI Plus data include underlying and multiple causes of death, which may provide valuable information on mortality trends for a particular condition, such as recent decreases in the proportion of deaths caused by HIV disease among people with AIDS.

Another important consideration is cost. This amount may make linkages between large registries and the NDI infeasible if sufficient resources are not available. Most of the newly found deaths occurred outside NYC, largely reflecting change of residence to outside the city after diagnosis. Despite this, This was unexpected because routine linkages between the Surveillance Registry and the NYC Vital Statistics Registry had already been conducted before this analysis.

Further examination revealed that at least 26 of the NYC deaths identified exclusively by the SSDMF had been flagged as possible matches in these prior linkages, but reviewers had not accepted them due to conservative match thresholds or discrepancies in identifiers.

That these matches were originally rejected highlights the subjective component of the linkage process. Special software that employs probabilistic techniques to optimize match rates may be useful in this regard. Of deaths identified through the NDI, These deaths could not have been identified through linkage with the NYC Vital Statistics Registry, but might have been identified had we decided to initiate a linkage with the state vital statistics registry. Assuming that such a record linkage could be performed at little to no cost, conducting such a linkage might have decreased both the cost and yield associated with the NDI and SSDMF linkages, as deaths occurring in New York State would have already been identified.

However, this is not an option for the majority of disease registries that are already at the state level. Investigators who analyze disease registry data should be aware of factors specific to certain subpopulations that can result in differential death ascertainment, and bias prevalence estimates based on the data sources used. For example, we found that had we limited searches to the local vital statistics registry and not performed record linkages with national databases, we would have more often underascertained deaths in certain subpopulations, notably white people and men who have sex with men by These findings, which may reflect higher rates of out-migration in these groups, are not inconsequential to prevalence estimates.

Other groups, such as older people and injection drug users, have higher mortality rates in general 24 , 28 and, therefore, will have higher death ascertainment rates regardless of the data source used. An important limitation to our analysis was the lack of a gold standard against which to confirm the accuracy of linkage. False nonmatches may be especially likely for nonwhite and foreign-born decedents, who have been described as having lower reporting of SSNs and a higher likelihood of incorrect name spellings 19 β€”an assertion that was corroborated in our analysis by the lower agreement between data sources among nonwhite vs.

The possibility of false nonmatches was reduced somewhat by the use of phonetic matches of first and last names by NCHS staff for NDI record linkage. Common names also present challenges when evaluating potential matches. For example, the lower ascertainment we found among Hispanic people 5.

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Furthermore, the experience of our field surveillance staff suggests that the use of pseudonyms or other identities when seeking HIV-related care is not uncommon, especially among those who have a history of incarceration. The use of pseudonyms in medical environments may occur for various reasons, including fraud, concealment, and changing group membership, 29 and has consequences for surveillance if linkages with other databases are attempted using these false identifiers.

Finally, while our staff are careful to ensure that data are recorded accurately, in practice the sources of registry data vary in quality, given the lack of standardization of medical records systems in the U.

National Death Index

In summary, evaluation of electronic record linkages, especially those with databases such as the NDI that return incomplete identifier information, may be project-specific; therefore, broader or narrower criteria than those used in this analysis may be more appropriate in other contexts. Our analysis is noteworthy for several reasons. It is the first reported comparison between the NDI and the SSDMF for death ascertainment among people with HIV, who differ from the cohort populations previously used to compare the two databases demographically, behaviorally, and clinically.

Because of the size and diversity of the HIV-infected population in NYC, 30 we were able to perform a robust assessment of the utility of both databases for people with HIV and report results for population subgroups, which can help other registries to identify particularly challenging groups when conducting similar linkages e. Finally, this analysis cannot be replicated nationally, because personal identifiers from local jurisdictions are not shared with CDC as part of HIV surveillance.

In conclusion, record linkages with the NDI and the SSDMF are challenging to implement and have their own unique limitations, but result in important improvements in the accuracy of prevalence estimates and the resource allocation that relies on such estimates. Linkages are especially important in jurisdictions such as NYC, with residents who are highly mobile, and in subpopulations, such as Hispanic and foreign-born people, in which death ascertainment may be more challenging.

HIV surveillance registries and other disease registries that need accurate living case counts should conduct periodic death linkages using both databases if resources permit. The NDI, despite its costs, is an essential data source if the cause of death is needed to characterize mortality. However, our analysis also supports the use of the SSDMF as an inexpensive means to maximize accuracy of death ascertainment and further improve disease prevalence estimates. An earlier version of this analysis was presented at the 40th Annual Society for Epidemiologic Research Meeting, Boston, Massachusetts, June 19β€”22, The findings and conclusions in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of CDC.

Europe PMC requires Javascript to function effectively. Recent Activity. The snippet could not be located in the article text. This may be because the snippet appears in a figure legend, contains special characters or spans different sections of the article. Public Health Rep. PMID: David B. Hanna , MS, a Melissa R. Sackoff , PhD, a Richard M.

Selik , MD, b Elizabeth M. Torian , PhD a. Melissa R. Judith E. Richard M. Elizabeth M. Lucia V. A death index is more easily accessible as it does not contain personal details of the deceased. Obtaining a copy of a death certificate online is possible.

However, a majority of those copies are not official vital records. If you need a copy of a death certificate for reasons such as settlements or benefits, then you must obtain a certified copy. Depending on the state in which the death took place, the process for obtaining an official death certificate can be slightly different. Going directly to a vital record agency is the most convenient and fastest way to obtaining certified copies of death records, as most agencies will provide you with the records the same day. Hello Edna.

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